What is the HALO-IR?


The HaloIR is the first sauna of its kind to offer a synergistic combination of infrared sauna and halotherapy. It was created to engage all five senses for a truly transformative experience.

Halotherapy, also know as dry salt therapy, is an all-natural approach to healing (with a 75-95% efficacy rate) that uses pharmaceutical grade dry salt that is micro-particled and dispersed into the enclosed halo/sauna unit through a state-of-the-art halogenerator.

The infrared (IR) sauna provides radiant heat that surrounds you and penetrates deep into your joints, muscles and tissues increasing oxygen flow and circulation.

The HaloIR offers four unique services: halotherapy, heated halotherapy, IR sauna, and halotherapy // IR sauna combo. All services come with medical grade Chromatherapy (color light therapy) the process of restoring balance to the body by applying color.


20 Minute Halotherapy Session: 20 minute halotherapy (dry salt) therapy session. Includes chromatherapy and aromatherapy. Loose fitting t-shirt and shorts are recommended.

30 Minute Heated Halotherapy Session: Halotherapy (dry salt therapy) session with far infrared sauna. Sauna heats to 90 degrees fahrenheit during your dry salt therapy session. Loose fitting t-shirt and shorts are recommended.

25 Minute IR Sauna Session: A gradual warming/heating of the infrared up to 125 degrees fahrenheit. The goal is to warm up with the sauna. Loose fitting t-shirt and shorts are recommended.

45 Minute Halotherapy with IR Sauna Combo Session: Enjoy a 30 minute heated halotherapy session (temps rise to 90 degrees fahrenheit, then your last 15 minutes of your session the far infrared sauna heats to 125 degrees fahrenheit. Loose fitting t-shirt and shorts are recommended.

HAlo-IR Prices

Single 25 min visit = $20

Monthly Special Package = (up to 3 visits per week) for $100 month

Benefits of Salt Therapy

Salt Therapy befits on Dr. Oz

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Infrared vs Redlight

Infrared vs Redlight